SurgeryPod Guide

The use of the SurgeryPod is only for Putneymead registered paitents, IF YOU AREN'T A REGISTERED PATIENT PLEASE DO NOT USE. 

This is the SurgeryPod, it provides a lot of new services such as:  

  • Take your blood pressure
  • Take your weight and calculate your BMI
  • Enter information regarding your lifestyle i.e. smoking, alcohol, exercise and diet
  • Carry out a series of stress and anxiety questionnaires


Once completed it updates to your patient record there and then, ready for your clinician to see. The screen is a touch screen and a keyboard will appear for when needed.



Once sat please select the option you would like, for example Blood Pressure Index.


This will open a page where you must fill-in your: First and Last name and Date of Birth. Please check for spaces before and after the names and your Date of Birth must be the full year.

Once you have filled in your informaiton, please follow the instructions on the screen.

For questionnaires please select your answers to the questions. If you wish to re-answer any questions please select 'Back' in the bottom left corner. Once the questionnaire is finished it will upload the results to your record.


As for the blood pressure machine, insert your arm when the screen tells you, for further assistance follow the instructions on the machine. Once finished you will see your result on the screen.  We would appreciate if you clean the machine after use.


The scales are used for BMI, when the screen says, step on them and wait for the beep sound and your result to appear before stepping off. 


Once you have finished it will return to the ‘select an option’ page.


If you need any assistants please ask the receptionist at the desk.