Why we are changing how you contact us?
How to find and submit the online form?
What happens after you submit your request?

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Total Triage at Putneymead Group Medical Practice


Why are we making a change?

At Putneymead Group Medical Practice we recognise the increasing demand for appointments. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality healthcare and want to make sure the service we deliver is adaptable to the increased pressures we are under, aligned with our Putneymead core values. Total Triage has been designed to ensure all patient requests are appropriately reviewed and managed accordingly, improving yours and our staff members overall experience. 

About Total Triage

From 6th November 2023, we are making changes to our appointment system to improve the way our patients access our healthcare professionals.

Our triage system was developed by our GP’s at Putneymead to develop a system where all patient clinical requests are managed by the right healthcare professional at the right time, delivering the best care for their clinical needs.

What is Total Triage?

Total triage is a new appointment system that involves the GP triaging all clinical requests before an appointment is given, making sure the patient is booked with the most appropriate healthcare professional improving continuity of care and overall efficiency. To help us do this we will be asking all patients to submit an online consultation, where they will be asked a series of key questions for the GP to accurately and appropriately assess and respond to your clinical needs.

Our online form which goes straight to our GP can be found by following the link Below

Online Form Link

If you are having any issues submitting an online form please call the practice where a member of our reception team will assist you.

How it works?

  • When you or a family member registered at the practice have a clinical complaint you can go on the NHS App or our website, and submit an online consultation during our core hours.
  • The online consultation form will ask a few short questions to establish the reason you are contacting the practice.

(The more information you provide at this point the better we can manage your request)

  • Your request will be automatically forward to our Hub GP who will review your request

(You may be contacted by our Hub team for more information or to book an appointment – this will be via telephone or text)

  • You will be contacted by our Hub Team of the action taken following your request to be appropriately closed off
  • We intend to respond to all clinical requests within 4hours of receiving online consultation 

You will be able to submit an online consultation during the following times


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00







Total Triage will positively revolutionise the service we offer reducing demand on our telephone lines meaning you can get through to us much quicker, dispelling the 8am rush whilst turning no patient away.