Services and Clinics

Minor Illness 

If you have a cough, cold or sore throat that is not getting better after a couple of weeks, due to Covid-19 management guidelines, please make a telephone appointment. You will be advised by the clinician if they need to see you and will book an appointment with you.

Local pharmacies can also assist with minor illness (through a dedicated minor illness service with the pharmacist) and can advise on the best medications to use.

Our nurses are also able to assist with  wound management, the removal of stitches, ear irrigation and smear tests.

Contraception (including LARC) and Sexual Health

Who to see?

Our nurses are able to assist with most forms of contraception and sexual health information; we are able to insert implants at the Student Medical Centre in an appointment with a GP and IUD's are inserted at our main branch, Putneymead Group Medical Practice.

We offer full sexual health screening at SMC, please book with the nurse or physician associate.

If in doubt, please ask reception for information about which type of appointment you may need.

For repeat prescriptions of the contraceptive pill, please make an appointment with the nurse.  

Asthma Clinic

You can book your annual asthma review with any of the Nurses during their routine template time. You need to book a double appointment for check up or annual review. (These may take place as telephone appointments during the current time due to Covid-19).

Diabetes Clinic

Please book your annual diabetic review with a nurse - please advise reception you need to book a diabetic review and they will book a double appointment for you with the relevant clinician.

Drug and Alcohol Services

All of the Doctors can support patients with drug and alcohol counselling and intervention. We can also refer patients for more specialist care and treatment. Please book a routine appointment with one of the GPs for support.

Mental Health

Please book with either a physician associate or a GP for assistance.

If you are currently taking medication for a mental health condition, please ensure you book an appointment with a physician associate to authorise your repeat medication before you run out - it does not transfer over to us automatically.

We work together with the Wellbeing service at the university to ensure students receive the support they need.

Travel Health/Immunisations

Our nurses are able to advise on travel health and immunisations needed for travel. (Restrictions apply during the present time due to Covid-19).

If you are unsure as to whether you are up to date with your primary immunisations; let us know and we will book an appointment with the nurse for these. If you are travelling from abroad to study, please bring as much immunisation history with you as you can.