If you have symptoms that may be due to covid-19 the GP will arrange for you to be seen in the “Isolation room” on Floor 1. We have set up the following system so that you will go straight to the isolation room on arriving at the surgery and not spend any time in the reception or waiting areas. This is to reduce the risk of spread of infection to others in the building.

When you arrive at the surgery do not go to the main entrance but instead go to the entrance to the car park. Then please follow the following instructions:

  1. Press the "call" button on the intercom - this is located on the pillar on the left of the entrance to the car park before the barrier.
  2. A member of the reception team will answer and will then arrange to let you in through the back door of the surgery.
  3. Go around to the back door - this is through the car park and is a white door on the left.
  4. The receptionist will take you to the lift which you will then take to the 1st floor - please do not go up the stairs.
  5. The receptionist will meet you outside the lift on the 1st floor - it is very important that you DO NOT go to the reception area or wait in the waiting area.
  6. The receptionist will take you to the isolation room where you will wait to see a doctor.
  7. After your appointment with the doctor a member of the reception team will escort you back to the lift and out of the building through the back door.
  8. At busy times you may be asked to wait outside until a room is free – please come prepared for this. (Winter clothing etc.)
It is vital that you follow these instructions in order to reduce the risk of covid infection being transmitted within the surgery.

Published: Mar 12, 2021