• What details do I need to be able to fill in the form?

You won’t need any special log-in, account or app. You’ll be asked for your name, date of birth, postcode, gender, and your contact number. If you have your mobile phone to hand, then you can choose to receive a code via text message to enter into the website. This allows the staff at the practice to locate your record faster.

  • Is Patient Access changing?  

You will still be able to access your medical record, view test results and request repeat prescription through Patient Access / MyGp / NHS App. You are also able to book certain appointments such blood tests, smear tests, flu jabs, counselling and physiotherapy.  However you won’t be able to book an appointment with a doctor or physicians’ associate via Patient Access / MyGP / NHS App, and instead will use the new online form to request an appointment.

  • Will I have to give my information every time I fill out a form?

Yes but the information we ask for is very brief: Just your name, date of birth, gender and postcode to help us identify you and locate your record. This avoids us needing to use a system where you have to have a specific app or log-in, so that makes it much easier for you to access any time.

  • How long will the form take to complete?

The form should only take a few moments to complete. If you have any issues or can’t fill the form out, you can contact the practice and we will be able to help you complete your request.

  • How long will it take for someone to get back to me?

We have a team of people who are constantly reading the messages as they come in. They will send you a text as soon as your request has been read to explain what happens next. If you want to speak to a GP for example about a medical issue, you will be sent a text with the details of when the GP will try to contact you. 

  • What if the time/day of the appointment doesn’t work for me?

There is a section on the form where you can write down the times that you aren’t available, which our team can avoid when getting in touch with you.

  • Can i still ring the Practice if i need to?

YES. Our phone lines are still from 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday. 

  • Why can't i book directly with my GP anymore?

Due to a significant increase in demand for appointments and feedback from patients about access to our service, all appointments with a GP and Physicians associate are now triaged first. This means your request may be diverted to another member of our skilled team, such as a nurse, pharmacist, counsellor, physiotherapist or social prescriber. If you would like to be contacted by a specific clinician or other member of the team, you can specify this on the contact form. We work hard to ensure you get the right person, first time.

  • What’s happening with the existing online booking?

Online booking will still be used to directly book certain appointments such blood tests, smear tests, flu jabs, counselling and physiotherapy. However you won’t be able to book an appointment with a doctor or physicians’ associate via online booking, and instead will use the new online form to request an appointment.

  • Will my data be safe?

Yes. The NHS and government set standards to make sure all organisations using health data keep it safe and use it ethically. The online form is provided by accuRx, which is an NHS Digital approved supplier, and an organisation we already use for our text-messaging service. All data is encrypted when stored and when being sent. This makes sure the only people who can access it are you and your health professionals.

  • Will my request be saved to my record?

Any request you submit about a medical issue will be saved to your record so that whoever calls you or sees you about your problem has your information to hand. If you send us a question about an administrative issue we will only save this to your record if we think it would be helpful to do so (or if you ask us to).

  • Can I request an appointment on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can submit the form on behalf of the patient (although please write on the form that you are doing so) and can put the contact number that we should either contact the patient or their representative on. Please note that due to patient confidentiality we cannot discuss anything about one of our patients unless they have explicitly given permission for us to do so with you.

  • What happens to a request that I send overnight or at the weekend?

You can submit a request any time day or night. If you fill out the form when we are closed you will see a message reminding you that there will be a delay until the message will be read. It is therefore important not to request any very urgent or emergency medical advice or help because it won’t be seen when we are closed.

  • Are you still seeing patients face to face?

Yes. Some appointments can be booked directly (such as blood tests, smear tests and some nursing appointments). Our GPs, physicians’ associates, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants and nurses are all seeing patients face to face, but we need to speak to you first to make sure you are seen in the right place.

  • What’s happening with the existing Doctorlink system?

We have discontinued the Doctorlink Service for this practice. Please use the new online systems to submit your Admin or Medical requests.