Practice Policies

Statement of Purpose

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 every registered provider must have a Statement of Purpose. A Statement of Purpose is a document which includes a standard required set of information about our service.



Complaints Policy

You can make a complaint by telephone, email, letter or verbally in person. For full details about our complaints procedure please see the attached policy.


Dignity in care work

Dignity in care work focuses on the value of every person as an individual. It means respecting other’s views, choices and decisions, not making assumptions about how people want to be treated and working with care and compassion.


Chaperone Policy

We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff. Sometimes you may wish to have a friend or relative in the room with you during a consultation or procedure. You can always ask to have someone with you and we will always ask before carrying out any intimate examination or procedure.


Consent Policy

We respect our patients rights to privacy and their choice of how they wish to be treated. Consent Sometimes you may wish to stop treatment or make choices in the way you receive your treatment. We also ask require implied or informed consent for sharing any medical information for referrals and GP reports. We also respect data protection act.


Infection Control

We do our best to operate in a clean and healthy environment and have procedures in place to help minimise the risk of the spread of infection. Our surgery policy for infection control is attached.



Confidentiality is a cornerstone of health care and is central to the work of everyone working in general practice. All information about patients is confidential: from the most sensitive diagnosis, to the fact of having visited the surgery or being registered at the Practice.

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