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This page provides help with the common questions about Patient Access.

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Find out how Patient Access works and how you can register.

Registration Guides

Signing In:

Signing in for the first time or having trouble logging in.

Signing in Guides                                                                     Trouble Signing in


Booking new or managing already booked appointments.

Appointment Guides

Repeat Medications:

Request repeat medication or managing existing requests.

Repeat Medication Guides

Medical Records:

View and share your medical record.

Medical Record Guides

My Account:

Manage your account, change contact and personal details or change your password.

My Account Guides


Manage an account on behalf of another patient or relative.

Proxy Guides

Memorable Word:

For additional measure to keep your account safe.

As you may or may not know, our automatic emails regarding password resets, verifications and/or account deletions are being filtered out before they even reach the Junk and Spam inboxes. Below are the 2 links that we recommend patients to follow to make our emails from always land in their main inbox. The 2 links will give instructions on how to add our email to a list known as "Safe Senders".

The email addresses to be added are - and

After doing this, please re-request the link. It should now arrive.

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